Unlock the Secret to a

Timeless "MIX!"

(Regardless if you’ve failed in the past … or been too scared to even try!)

Let Me Guess...

You were told, "Find inspiration on Pinterest....”

Result: You're overwhelmed by all the style options

& frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Or simply, “Recreate your favorite style your own home....”

Result: The southern traditional style you love clashes

with your modern brick ranch.

And (my favorite), "Just buy things you love.…”

Result: You're surrounded by an unrelated hodge-podge.

There are 3 problems with this design "advice."


It's given by designers & influencers who have a natural flair when it comes to “mixing" styles. You feel you have about as much flair as a groundhog.


It's WAY too general. You need a formula to narrow your choices to the BEST ONES & some concrete instruction!


It ignores a MAJOR player (other than yourself!) when it comes to timeless home decorating …. YOUR HOUSE.

Ready to give up?

I was in your shoes 10 years ago.

I had a new (to me) Forever Home that was largely a blank slate.

Outside of hiring an interior designer to decorate it for me (not in my budget!), I couldn’t find any REAL direction. How in the world would I fill this empty house in a cohesive way that would stand the test of time AND feel beautiful & unique?

What did I do?

I spent years obsessing and learning everything I could about design … even BECOMING a professional interior designer and design blogger, with 60K readers/month and a bunch of published projects!

And now I'm here to help YOU!


The Home Style

"MIX" Master Decoder™

A No-Fail Formula to Solve the Mystery of Your Home’s Unique Style

& Crack the Code of a Timeless “Mix”

The perfect quick-fix tool for style-stuck and mistake-averse homeowners who want to decorate their homes RIGHT the first time!

The "MIX" Master Decoder™

will teach you how to:

  • Determine which design styles are right and which are wrong for your home's architecture. (Narrowing your options to only the best ones ... so you're not so overwhelmed!)
  • Create a unique design style that incorporates your style preferences AND works with your home’s natural bones.
  • Know exactly HOW & WHAT to “mix” for a unique but TIMELESS home. (When I say *formula,* I mean it!)
  • Prevent costly mistake purchases and wasted time, energy, & emotional bandwidth!

You'll Walk Away With:

  • A completely unique plug-and-play style chart to guide your decor purchases for the timeless HOME you crave.
  • The confidence to finally begin your home’s transformation, KNOWING you'll be on the right track!

Forge a Relationship with your house.

For a style that feels like YOU ... but still feels like your HOUSE, too. ;)

What's Inside

The "MIX" Master Decoder™

Decode Your "MIX" Mini-Course

(Value $297)

My super accurate style hacks learned on the job as a professional interior designer, distilled into this quick-fix, 9 mini-lesson video course for you! I’ll lead you through an easy-peasy formula to help you “decode” the mystery of what “mix” will work stylistically in your unique home, letting you create a plug-and-play style chart from a list of options based upon your house’s architecture combined with your own style preferences.

Customizable "MIX" Master Decoder Chart

(Value $47)

Yep, you’ll be able to visually create your own Home Style Master Decoder Chart with this made-for-you Canva template. You’ll fill it in with images from the options shown to you in the mini-course.

The Architectural & Interior Design Style Compatibility Finder (Value $37)

A down-and-dirty PDF list of what interior design styles complement various architectural styles … even those “builder’s-grade” homes. Includes my go-to quick references to identify your home's bones.

"MIX" Master Decoder Chart How-To Tutorial

(Value $29)

We’ll walk you through exactly how to use the Canva template, using Canva’s FREE subscription, so you can easily plug in your own style options.

But wait!

There's so Much MORE!

You'll Receive These Bonuses:

7 “MIX” Looks Decoded Swipe Files

(Value: $29)

These swipe files will take 7 examples of timeless mixes in various styles & break down how they employ the “mix” formula taught in the Master Decoder … but each to a unique effect. Watch & learn!

REAL Decorating Budgets for Your Forever Home

(Updated for 2022)

(Value: $17)

This e-book is straight talk. While you can transform your home beautifully on any budget, there is a certain minimum you realistically need to be prepared to spend if you want a look and quality that will stand up to 10-20 years of changing fads, pets, and pizza parties.

I even updated it to reflect where we are with post-pandemic prices!

The Best of the “Saturday Blog” Homeowner Toolkit

(Value: Hours Searching the Saturday Blog! )

This PDF will take you straight to the most important value-add, how-to, and $-saving posts from the more than 250 articles in the Saturday Blog archive.

Look, I’ve been writing Home Glow’s Saturday Blog for 6 years, and I log more than 60K readers a month because of my unique perspective as a forever-homeowner-turned-pro-designer. You'll want a direct route to these hard-learned lessons from dilemmas I’ve encountered!

Total Value = $456.00

Today's Price = $69

No-Risk Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the "MIX" Master Decoder™, my tips, tricks, and hard-learned style hacks after 14 days, I will offer you a full refund no questions asked. Scout’s honor! I’m THAT sure that you’ll have some major lightbulb moments, thanks to my user-friendly design formula.

(And I really was a girl scout, once upon a time!)

Don’t Miss Out!

The “MIX” Master Decoder™ is a product for homeowners who want to quickly and strategically decode their home’s timeless style mix to guide their decor choices.

Fear not! You won’t be risking your investment!

I teach these exact concepts in The Home Glow Method®, my complete interior design course for homeowners, which has had rave reviews from dozens of students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to complete the MIX Master Decoder™?

Each lesson lasts about 5-7 minutes, for a minimum of an hour to 90 minutes of your time to consume the material, including the bonus features. How long you think about what you’ll be putting into your own Master Decoder Chart is up to you!

How fast can I see results?

Let me ask – how decisive are you? The whole point of the "MIX" Master Decoder™ is to let my experience weed out the options that won’t work for your home, so that you can more quickly & easily choose options that do. If you trust the formula, you should be able to complete your Decoder Chart and define your style pretty quickly.

I don't have a Canva account. Will the MIX Master Decoder™ still work for me?

The FREE version of a Canva account is all you need to use the template created for the "MIX" Master Decoder™. However, you don’t have to sign up for Canva if you don’t want to. You can easily screenshot the options presented in the mini-course and create your own Decoder chart in any software that allows you to insert text and images. And if you don’t even want to be that technical, you can print out images from the lesson PDFs and cut and paste them on a piece of paper!

I already took Home Glow's full design course, The Home Glow Method®. How is the "MIX" Master Decoder™ different?

Home Glow’s "MIX" Master Decoder™ encapsulates concepts that I teach more in-depth in Module 1 of The Home Glow Method, but in a new, super practical & quickly-digested format. The Decoder is perfect for homeowners who are looking for a quick style-fix (but a quick fix that still WORKS!!) to determine their home’s interior design style & guide their choices confidently.

In The Home Glow Method®, I use my experience as a homeowner-turned-pro-designer and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to transform a space (and the rest of your home) from top to bottom … but in a way that is accessible to people outside of the design trade.

  • Create your Forever Home Style

  • Assess your givens in light of your Forever Home Style

  • Determine functional & financial priorities

  • Choose where to save vs. spend for style AND long-term quality

  • Work with tradespeople vs. DIYCreate floor, lighting, & window treatment plans

  • Think spatially with color/pattern mixing in a spaceSource to-the-trade decor & furniture for yourself

  • Plan ALL of the particulars of your final room plan & make your custom orders

    SO, if you’ve taken The Home Glow Method®, you already have the information in the "MIX" Master Decoder™. But if you want to put all your style mix choices in the handy-dandy new Master Decoder Chart Template that comes with it, by all means, sign up for this fun new offering!

Is everything available immediately?

All materials in The "MIX" Master Decoder™ are available immediately. Binge watch or take your time -- it's up to you!

How long can I keep this for?

The "MIX" Master Decoder™ is available for the foreseeable future & business of Home Glow Design! Should we ever discontinue the product or cease to operate as a business, you will have ample time to download and/or print any materials in advance.

Can I share this with a friend?

The "MIX" Master Decoder™ contains proprietary information, available for purchase by individuals. I spent years of time & tons of money learning the design business. If you like what you see, I would LOVE it if you would recommend it to all your friends! But please don’t share.

Is there a guarantee?

If you aren’t satisfied with the "MIX" Master Decoder™, just reach out to me via email within 14 days and I will refund your purchase, no questions asked. Scout’s honor!

How much time & money will the "MIX" Master Decoder™ save me?

I’ll answer your question with 2 questions in return:

1. How much time have you already wasted trying to find answers to your home style questions, and yet you still find yourself trapped in the Pinterest rabbit hole?

2. How much money have you already spent on decor that doesn’t work with your home?

I have nearly a hundred happy design clients & students who attest to the VALUE of my professional insight in helping them transform their “blah” houses into the timeless “homes” of their dreams. “Penny saved, pound wasted,” my friends. Invest in good help, and the payoff will be worth it!

The Home Style

"MIX" Master Decoder™

A No-Fail Formula to Solve the Mystery of Your Home’s Unique Style

& Crack the Code of a Timeless “Mix”

  • Decode Your "MIX" Mini-Course (Value $297)
  • Customizable "MIX" Master Decoder™ Chart (Value $47)
  • The Architectural & Interior Design Style Compatibility Finder (Value $37)
  • "MIX" Master Decoder Chart How-To Tutorial (Value $29)
  • BONUS Swipe Files: 7 "MIX" Looks Decoded (Value $29)
  • BONUS E-Book: REAL Decorating Budgets for Your Forever Home, Updated for 2022 (Value $17)
  • BONUS PDF: Home Glow’s “Saturday Blog” Top Posts Homeowner Toolkit (Value: Hours of your life searching The Saturday Blog!)

Total Value = $456.00

Today's Price = $69

Are you ready to Finally decode your Home Style Secret???

There’s a lot of decorating style advice on the web and in magazines, but very little of it’s concrete enough for most time-strapped and style-stuck homeowners like you. In fact, a lot of it can just create more questions & confusion!

If you’re tired of floundering around in decorating decision paralysis and disheartened by past design mistakes, let me help you believe in yourself again!

I’ve taken 10 years of decorating experience and distilled it down to a quick-fix, step-by-step, no-fail formula. No more guessing, no more your spinning wheels. Just clarity.

You CAN create a Home Style that is timeless & unique. Let’s unlock its mystery AT LAST, and get you on your way to the beautiful home you’ve been craving all along.

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